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It’s a bit weird writing this August wrap-up with only my introductory post published. But I felt like I had a lot to share and didn’t want to roll items into September’s wrap-up. So let’s get into it, shall we?

August was a weirdly busy month for me. The first class for my second bachelor’s program ended, and I started my second class. My program is online, so there is a crap ton of reading smooshed into 8 week classes. So far, I am averaging reading 13 non-school related books a month in 2018, and I managed to keep up that pace in August. I’ll be interested to see if I maintain that pace through September and October as I am actually interested in the class readings this term, and will therefore, you know… actually read them.

My petsitting schedule was insane, but I gotta make that money to keep my kitties supplied with high-quality cat nip, me supplied with books, and my travel fund flush for an upcoming 10 day trip to England. Luckily, they were all cat care, so there was plenty of time to read while dishing out ear scratches.

This month, I read a total of 15 books, plus 1 DNF. My ARC backlist is obscene, so I focused on knocking some of them off my list (marked with * below), while not adding any more to my request queue (big fat fail). It’s good to have goals, but I’m not gonna beat myself up for not meeting it. Note, many of these titles will be mentioned in the first Rapid Reviews post next month.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

As long as they keep making Mission: Impossible movies, I will keep seeing them in the movie theater. Fallout was so fantastic I have already pre-ordered the digital release to add to my library.

Crazy Rich Asians

I loved Crazy Rich Asians! So much, I am planning to see it again over the weekend. I am planning a book/movie post, so I will cover it a little more in depth then.

Mad Men (Netflix)

I watched the first two seasons of Mad Men when they aired while I was in college. I know a lot of people that love this show, so I am attempting to give it another go. I am not binging in the true sense of the word, as I have only made it through a season and a half in the month since I started. 

Binge Mode: Harry Potter

Binge Mode is one of my favorite podcasts, and when they announced they would be doing a deep (deeeeeep) dive into the world of Harry Potter, I immediately made “Reread HP (again)” a 2018 reading goal. I spent most of April and May listening to the Stephen Fry narrated audiobooks, a most excellent life choice if I do say so myself. Mallory and Jason take a week (or two for Books 4 and 5, so far) to discuss each novel and corresponding film, covering anywhere from 4-7 chapters an episode, which is released each day. BM:HP is a must listen for any Harry Potter (or Game of Thrones or pop culture) fan.

Crimetown: The RFK Tapes

As a history major, I found this podcast fascinating. It covers the information, investigation, trial, and conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. At about 45 minutes an episode, and a 10 episode series, it is very easy to binge this in a couple of days. I think I might be a Kennedy conspiracy theorist now (I am just kidding, but I definitely went down the wikipedia rabbit hole).

Stuff You Should Know

SYSK is a great podcast for just amassing random knowledge. Released once or twice a week, each episode is self-contained, so you can listen to the topics that interest you and skip that ones that do not. Some of my favorite episodes include ‘How Search and Rescue Work’, ‘How Tsunamis Work’, ‘SYSK Selects: Who Killed JFK?’ (remember my budding conspiracy theorist tendencies?), and ‘How Polar Bears Work’.

This Gorgeous Cover of ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from the Crazy Rich Asians Soundtrack

  • Obama’s Summer Reads – Obama’s recommended reads always end up on my TBR. I was super smug when he released the spring reading list, as I had already read several of them.

How was your August?

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